Warning: Your Blog Is Bleeding Money - Thankfully There's A Quick Fix

75% Will Never Come Back To Your Site After Seeing This One Page!

We all know the dreaded 404 error page…

And your visitors land on it far more often than

you’d think...

Here’s the thing...

You can run the cleanest and most up to date

website in the world… with zero broken or bad links.

But that doesn’t change the fact that people will

still try to access pages that don’t exist on your blog.


They type in wrong links


They have an old page bookmarked


Someone posts a broken link on social media

In fact, only 17% of your 404 errors on your site come down to your own mistakes.

The remaining 83% are due to user errors and poor indexing from the search engines.

Which means you are sending tons of people to boring pages that have zero chance of converting them into a lead or a sale.

You are wasting a huge amount of opportunities to make money… every single day!

Even worse… a recent study shows that 75% of the people who hit a 404 error page on your site won’t even give you a second chance… ever!

They’ll blame you and move on to your competition... quicker than you can say “lost revenue”.

Like most marketers we’ve been battling with this issue for years.

Lucky for you… we finally got tired of flushing money down the toilet.

So we decided to fix the problem once and for all.

After all…

Your Visitors Want To Go Somewhere, So Make Sure They Have A Chance To Pay You First!

And now you can...

With a simple plugin that will ensure that nobody ever leaves your website without having the opportunity to put some money in your pocket!


WP Traffic Guard is the world’s first 1-click WordPress plugin that instantly gives you fully monetized, set and forget 404 error pages.

While showing you exactly why and how your 404 errors happen so you can plug any holes and optimize your revenue in real time!

Here’s How WP Traffic Guard Works In Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Easy 1-Click Setup

Our easy 1-click installation allows you to quickly add WP Traffic Guard to any WordPress blog.

Step 2

Select Your Ready Made Template

Choose which one of our many high converting ad templates and instantly build your new money making 404 error pages.

Step 3

Earn With Proven Sellers

Select one or more of our ready made ads with proven, high converting offers (or make your own). WP Traffic Guard will immediately start showing these ads on your new 404 error pages.

You’ll only have to do this once and the ads will keep bringing in hands-free income for years to come.

Here’s Everything You Get
Instant Access To Today!

Stop Bleeding Sales

Within minutes from right now you have your new 404 error pages working for you… bringing in sales on autopilot and preventing your visitors from going to your competition instead.

No Need To Build Your Own Ads

Straight out of the box, WP Traffic Guard comes preloaded with ad templates you can activate with a single click.

These proven ad templates mean that you can get started earning from your 404 error pages immediately - even if you couldn’t build a page to save your life.

Instant Access To The Best Converting Offers

Even better… you can automatically prefill your new 404 error pages with your own affiliates links for some of the best money making offers on the market.

This means you don’t have to do any research or even write a single word yourself - we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Self Optimizing Ads

Choose between showing 6 smaller ads or one big ad on each 404 error page. WP Traffic Guard will automatically rotate between all available ads.

It will even self optimize and assign more weight to the best performing ads - showing you top money makers more often.

Grow Your Income

WP Traffic Guard will also automatically track which ads get the most clicks, so you can optimize what you show on your 404 pages and maximize your profits.

Plug The Holes With Money

It will even detect exactly why each individual visitor hits your 404 page, where they came from and what they were looking for.

This will allow you to easily plug any holes and replace them with the money making sites your audience are already looking for.

Fast Action Bonus: Free Canva Training

If you take action and secure your access to WP Traffic Guard today, we’ll even include free training on how to use Canva to create your own custom profit pulling ads to use on your 404 pages.

And here’s the bottom line…

WP Traffic Guard really is the easiest way for you to stop bleeding sales and instantly start monetizing your 404 error pages…

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It Though...

Look At What Some Of Our Many Happy Users Have To Say About WP Traffic Guard

Brett Ingram ..

Matt's got the fastest and easiest way to monetize any Wordpress blog.

Blog Link Magic adds affiliate links to keywords automatically so you can make commissions without the hours of tedious work.


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I'm always looking for Plugins that make blogging easier AND more profitable...

Matt's new Blog Link Magic plugin ticks all the boxes!

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When an affiliate program I've been promoting dissappears it takes so long to find and replace the links it's usually too much effort!

Now I can get it done for all my posts in one go and have commissions rolling in again straight away...

Chris JenkinsOnlineSuccessWithChris.com

I don't have time to go through and add links to all my old content, now I don't need to, Blog Link Magic has it done for me, in just seconds...

And the Done For You links library means I don't even need to do the research!

If you've got a WP Blog you should be using this plugin...

That’s Fantastic, But How Much Will WP Traffic Guard Cost Me?

Much less than you’d think!

Look at it this way…

You could keep going the way you are...

Who knows how many sales your standard 404 pages are making you miss out on each month?

For a blog with average traffic this could easily amount to hundreds… even thousands of dollars in lost income.

Don’t worry though…

We’re not only going to save you a lot of time and money today!

We’re going to show you how investing in WP Traffic Guard today can put you in the black within days…

So you can board the gravy train and allow your low one time investment today to keep pulling in pure profit for years to come.

But before we reveal just how little you’ll need to invest to grab this awesome deal today. We want to let you know that we are on your side and that we are 100% committed to helping you become successful.

That’s why we’re going to sweeten the deal and make this a complete no-brainer for you!

You Can Try It Out Completely
Risk Free!

We don’t want your money unless you’re completely blown away!

If for any reason or no reason at all, you’re not happy with your investment in WP Traffic Guard

You’re 100% protected by our “no questions asked” 30-day money back guarantee.

Simply send us a message and we’ll happily refund your purchase. We’ll thank you for trying us out and we’ll part as friends - and that’s our promise to you.

Yup, we’re taking on the risk so you don’t have to. That’s how confident we are that you’re going to love this!

There Is Just One Small Catch!

The low introductory price you see on this page will only be available for a very limited time!

It was always the plan to offer WP Traffic Guard on a monthly recurring plan and that is what will likely happen at the end of the special early bird period.

At the same time the low price you see here is the cheapest you will ever find, we WILL be increasing the price tag on WP Traffic Guard very soon!

This is not a gimmick! In order to protect our investment and the profit pulling potential for the fast action takers... and to make sure our servers can keep up with demand…

The price will go up soon & we may move to a monthly recurring plan at any time!

If you leave this page now and come back later, we can not guarantee that you can still get in at this introductory price!

So if you are at all serious about becoming a better, more successful marketer… and about earning a lot more money from your blogs...

Then there is only one thing left to do…

Take action today and invest in your future. Secure your copy to WP Traffic Guard while this special early bird offer is still available!

P.S. Right now you’re at a fork in the road - you can either carry on as you are - wake up tomorrow in the same place - wondering why your blogs aren’t making as much as they should and why your visitors are running away without taking the action you want them to... Or you can take action and invest in yourself and your business today - nothing is going to change unless you do! So trust your gut and click on the buy button now.

P.P.S Remember that this is a time limited special offer. If you close this page and try to come back later we can not guarantee that this offer will still be here, in fact it will likely be too late and the page will be gone for good… and replaced with a recurring $97 per year offer. Why pay more later? With our guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the buy button now and get started today!